Week Four

Well yesterday we made all of about 220km to Exmouth via the coast road but it was an amazing bit of coast. We found great geology, roos everywhere, sandhills, dunes, deserts, green grass grazed by mobs of sheep, interesting locals and a dead turtle not to mention the frolicking fraulein sheep!!! Phil can explain.

The Chinese influences from 1421 abound but we add a large grain of salt.

We are in Exmouth planning a flight, book details and getting car fixed in electrics etc.

On Monday we head north towards Broome so will see you soon

Another JASBOA day here at Exmouth with a flight this morning but pulled out early as light was bad and then a snorkle and general photography. Got some great underwaters but thought as it is the weekend I would send you some arty pictures. I hope you enjoy them and that all goes well for you.

Good evening or is it morning for you? Either way I hope it is a good one for you.

Today was around Exmouth, getting the car electrics sorted, buying a few things for the car and chatting to Susie about the Gascoyne Coast book before a lunch near the Vlaming Light and then a snorkel and dinner at the Sea Urchin.

Saw some great dunes after lunch and the fish performed at the Paradise Lake Bommies - a good day "off" with only 295 images!!!

A good day yesterday - the Shothole Canyon and then some caves - incredible to see where the primitive troglobites live - didn't see one - will get the pic from the WA Museum - and groovy spots there.

The canyon is spectacular in any light with interesting rocks and flora.

Leaving Exmouth today and heading for Karijinni NP.

Well this is the last of the road trip reports until end of June. I am off to sea with Aurora Expeditions from Broome to Darwin and back for 3 weeks so will leave you in peace!

Phil Dodd left today bound for Sydney. He has been another great travelling companion with not a single word of distress passing between us - I asked him this morning was it him or me who was very tolerant - we both laughed!! Thanks Phil for the companionship and sense of humour. I found some evidence of Chinese early visits to Australia in Broom today by the way!!

Muirs are looking after me for a few days and I leave tomorrow.

The trip to Broome from Port Smith and Barn Hill was excellent - the pinnacles of rocks and shapes at Barn Hill were yet another amazing part of oz all finished off with a staircase to the moon at Broome last night.





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