www.smallpond.com.au  The best site managers to have.
for all my editing

www.paddymchugh.com - organiser - Arid Lands Festival and camels

www.quicksilver-cruises.com my GBR day cruises

www.mikeball.com my preferred live aboard operator

www.undersea.com.au my preferred recreational/research live aboard operator
www.scubapix.com  my underwater camera expert Peter Mooney
www.prodive-cairns.com.au  my diving suppliers and some great trips
www.cyberdiver.com.au  underwater cinephotogprahy and image libraries - film, still, HDTV
www.numa.com.au    film and television logistics and support
www.aircharteraustralia.com   aircraft operations anywhere on the globe
www.hemamaps.com.au all my mapping and distributors
www.exploroz.com  my trip planning and some shopping

www.graphicscience.com.au - a good bugs gallery

www.miray.com.au - Preferred Townsville, Magnetic to Palm Islands Bareboat operators.

www.darrenjew.com - Australian Wildlife Photographer

www.superyachtbasewa.com.au - Visiting Super Yachts to the Kimberly's





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