The Recovery of Artifacts     -   33mtrs (110 ft) deep.


Working at depth presents logistics over and above the normal recreation Scuba Diving.

Divers were air supplied from the surface, working 40 mins with a 20 min pure oxygen flush at the 10 mtr deco seat.

Two teams, consisting of 2 divers, 2 tenders and a diving supervisor, rotated during daylight hours, weather permitting. Divers were stood down 24hrs after 7 dives as a safety precaution

Archaeologists working underwater are in constant contact with the Diving Supervisor.

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Underwater video surveillance allowed on the spot assessment of  dredging procedure.

Diver1.jpg (7357 bytes)

Archaeologist about to commence diving - note emergency air bottle and communications mask

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The problem of storing enough oxygen for over a months diving was solved by two liquid oxygen containers onboard.

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The six person therapeutic recompression chamber is an essential safety item. A Hyperbarac Doctor and Nurse were on the team.



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