Diving on the Wreck of the Pandora

Down below the support vessels lies the "Pandora". Air lines supply the Archaeologists from the "Pacific Conquest" moored on station immediately overhead.

The divers are very careful, dredging slowly and methodically through the well preserved wreck, discovering things about life as it was 200 years ago onboard Her Majesty's Warship and revealing clues about the Polynesian Society uninfluenced by Western Civilization.

This gravestone onsite is a reminder to those that perished on the sea at this very spot.

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Anything of interest recovered is stacked into a lift basket and winched up to the ship.(above)



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A diver sits patiently on the decompression stop seat for 20 minutes whilst the pure oxygen replaces nitrogen absorbed in the body.

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The divers work the water dredge. They suck sand and debris away from the hull in an effort to reveal more of the underlying structure of the Vessel

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The spoil heap at the end of the pipe outlet where small valuable items can sometimes slip through. Above is a Polynesian stone adze that managed to get though the pipe.






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